Well, I went to New York for a short week.. and was very busy and then I started at Cornell.. and was very busy! But now on my one week anniversary in Ithaca I have a spare moment to collect some thoughts. And I think I will dedicate my first post to make a “bucket list” for my Cornell experience and then I will follow up about half way and at the end of my time here to see how well I did.

  1. Study a whole day at the Uris Libary (I mean, when are you able to study in Harry Potter like libraries like this one?)
  2. Attend a Hockey game vs. one of the other Ivy league schools – I heard that when Cornell plays Harvard, they throw fish on to the ice!
  3. Speaking of ice – you can actually ice skate for free on Sundays on the schools ice rink – this is a must do!
  4. Swim in one of the many waterfalls around campus
  5. Order Insomnia Cookies on a Monday – this company delivers warm cookies and milk to you dorm – that must be the cure for Monday blues
  6. Also food related I need to try the Cornell Ice Cream produced by Cornellians
  7. Attend a Masquerade ball (this is actually cheating a bit as I have already done it! – I will upload som pictures later)
  8. I hope that we will experience a severe snow storm, if I am lucky I want to sled down the Lipe slope on campus
  9. Get an A+ in a course – trying not to set the bar too high
  10. Go on a wine tour around Ithaca – there are so many wineries here
  11. Stock up on Cornell merchandise
  12. Go to Toronto to visit family
  13. Go bowling at Cornell’s very own bowling alley
  14. Attend Slope day – a concert on Cornell’s Lipe slope
  15. See Cornell’s own equestrian centre – perhaps watch a tournament
  16. Climb the 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower

I will properly add more to the list as I discover more of the Campus – it is enormous so there is everything here!