Three years


Today is a super special day, I can’t believe that it is three years since Jan and I were in Turkey on a last minute trip just before our exams. Now three years later we have traveled the world together, finished our bachelor and are now on exchange together, how lucky am I? It is so fun to look back at old photos, and it really struck me how many places we have been, from Singapore, to LA, Australia, Hawaii, Vietnam and I could go on. It is amazing to always have your best friend with you no matter where on in the world you are, and I am excited to see what we will be experiencing next!









One of the days we were in Philadelphia we went on a day trip to Washington, it was meant to be a 2 hours drive but due to snow storm and icy roads it took almost 4 hours. So we didn’t have a lot of time to explore, so we drove around in the car to see some of the main sights and then parked near the Lincoln Memorial to see more around that area. Enjoy the few photos!










Two weeks ago we went to Philadelphia for the weekend as we had two extra days of from school. We were 9 travelling together so we rented two cars and had a little road trip to Philadelphia, we actually also went to Washington one day which I will show later. I didn’t really know what to expect of Philadelphia, it was probably not a place I would have gone to if it wasn’t for the group going there. But the city actually surprised me a lot, it had a lot of nice cafes and restaurants, as well as a huge market. The weather was freezing! So we had trouble staying warm, but managed to see the rocky steps, the liberty bell and Wharton.




IMG_3692 (2)

I apologize for the very grainy photo’s, but I would argue it adds character to these photo’s (..or at least I will try to argue). The very first weekend here at Cornell the MBA school hosted a welcome back masquerade ball at Duffield Hall. It was such a great night with lots of amazing masks and dance moves!

Besides the ball, the school has so many social events that it is hard to keep up. Every Thursday there is Sage Social (Sage is what the building is called) where there is served free alcohol and food – it is safe to say that it is very popular! Also there are multiple sports events, wine club, beer club and I could go on forever.



IMG_3789 (2)

IMG_3790 (2)

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It snowed last night! I may be the only one totally excited about this, but I feel like I am in a fairytale. The place just became even prettier. I cannot write a lot today, as I have a super busy day at school. But I have some exciting news – we are going to Philidelphia for the weekend with the other exchange students.



Well, I went to New York for a short week.. and was very busy and then I started at Cornell.. and was very busy! But now on my one week anniversary in Ithaca I have a spare moment to collect some thoughts. And I think I will dedicate my first post to make a “bucket list” for my Cornell experience and then I will follow up about half way and at the end of my time here to see how well I did.

  1. Study a whole day at the Uris Libary (I mean, when are you able to study in Harry Potter like libraries like this one?)
  2. Attend a Hockey game vs. one of the other Ivy league schools – I heard that when Cornell plays Harvard, they throw fish on to the ice!
  3. Speaking of ice – you can actually ice skate for free on Sundays on the schools ice rink – this is a must do!
  4. Swim in one of the many waterfalls around campus
  5. Order Insomnia Cookies on a Monday – this company delivers warm cookies and milk to you dorm – that must be the cure for Monday blues
  6. Also food related I need to try the Cornell Ice Cream produced by Cornellians
  7. Attend a Masquerade ball (this is actually cheating a bit as I have already done it! – I will upload som pictures later)
  8. I hope that we will experience a severe snow storm, if I am lucky I want to sled down the Lipe slope on campus
  9. Get an A+ in a course – trying not to set the bar too high
  10. Go on a wine tour around Ithaca – there are so many wineries here
  11. Stock up on Cornell merchandise
  12. Go to Toronto to visit family
  13. Go bowling at Cornell’s very own bowling alley
  14. Attend Slope day – a concert on Cornell’s Lipe slope
  15. See Cornell’s own equestrian centre – perhaps watch a tournament
  16. Climb the 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower

I will properly add more to the list as I discover more of the Campus – it is enormous so there is everything here!

I Love NYC

DSC_0236 DSC_0066 DSC_0101 DSC_0116 DSC_0126 DSC_0230 DSC_0215 DSC_0051

Only 2 sleeps until I leave for NYC and my second exchange semester, I can’t believe it! 2016 is starting in the best way possible and I am so excited for the year. As I am still packing I will leave a few photos from my last trip to NYC with my study program.



So I started my blog and then… I got way too busy! So now it is almost the end of November, but so many exciting things have happened that I will brief you on soon. Right now I am at home, not my home in Copenhagen, but my childhood home. This is the best place for me to wind down after some of the most hectic weeks. The best cure must be cuddling our little fluffy dog Frida. Time is flying way too fast at the moment and I don’t think I really have the time to appreciate every small thing that is happening.

My off time at home has allowed me to do my desired changes on the site, I am still learning all the HTML. So now I feel that it is much more personal, and I hope I will be able to post more often especially as I am getting more and more into Christmas mood.

See you soon


From my bed in Shoreditch

Sushi Samba Drink

Currently spread across my bed in London with a delicious bag of Cadbury Buttons that bring back so many memories of when I lived in England, now almost four years ago. I cannot believe I have been here for already ten days, it seems like the days just blur together in one amazing experience I just never want to end. London has such a special place in my heart, from being my first home away from home to my bank accountants nightmare. Every time I visit I feel the energy from the moment I step out of the plane.

I have always sort of wanted a way to document that feeling if you can? So introducing, which will be my inspiration board to experience more and indulge in every possible opportunity I have. I still have no idea what content on this blog is going to be like, but I enjoy the beauty in that for now, just like any journey.

Stay tuned